Wednesday, 18 January 2012


In recovery I believe it is important to treat your body with kindness or over kindness if that is possible.
For me, that was something I definitely wasn't doing while in active addiction to alcohol. The only nutrients I received was from the red wine I was drinking, or as one GP liked to put it "Well, at least your getting some nutrients"... that obviously left me giving her a brief "kind of" laugh and the death stare from hell (hello borderline personality coming through). The only exercise I received, was going across the road, to the bottle shop, to buy wine YAY! mission complete for the day. But then it was back to drinking, till I fell asleep and awoke again to the same routine. 

So in order to get healthy again I have basically had to retrain myself how to take care of myself properly. In this blog I will post things that inspire me, honest thoughts, a few of my past struggles and how Ive coped with them, things Ive learned, healthy recipes, health news, mental health news, advice for anyone that asks, restaurant reviews, pictures and updates about my day to day journey, interviews, excercise oh and of course, my near future battle to give up cigarettes (oh dear god, my poor family).

This will honestly be of help to anyone, even if you don't have the same struggles I do, it can never hurt to learn to care for yourself better and I would love to inspire anyone that will read.
If you have any questions, need any advice or have anything in particular you would like me to write about, feel free to let me know.


  1. I'm really excited about your blog! I can really relate to a lot of things so it'll be great to see your advice!

    I actually got diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and I am susceptible to bipolar, OCD and paranoia (thanks family!) a couple of years ago, I'm supposed to see a counsellor but I stopped going coz I found it really didn't help. and though I wasn't an alcoholic, I did go through a phase of abusing alcohol, taking sleeping pills and smoking weed and chain smoking. I also used to binge eat (whole packets of chips, soft drinks, chocolate in one sitting everyday etc!) and do no exercise at all.

    Thankfully I've stopped a lot of that, I hated how I was when I drank, smoked and took pills. but I must admit if I'm really stressed or anxious I will binge eat :( but much less often before (but that's still not good).

    so yeah I've followed you, can't wait to see what else you've got! x

    1. Thank you for following me and commenting :) I really relate to a lot of what you said, it sounds SO much like me story. I have gone in and out of different coping mechanisms over the years to, they can be so controlling, its so good when you are finally the one in control, although they can be sneaky and sneak back in, thats why I have to remind myself that I can overcome them :)

  2. I've been looking over your blog. I think it's great what your doing:) It's so brave to make the decision to heal yourself through and through. Always know that there are people wishing you all the wellness and success you can muster:)