Friday, 20 January 2012

Tips for healthy skin

Despite all of my bad habits, binge drinking (past), smoking, bad eating and no exercise and really anything else you can add to the list of abuses to your skin, Ive always been told that I have really smooth skin. When your detoxing your skin becomes a shocker, because of all the toxins coming out, karma I guess. But usually my skin is pretty well behaved. So I thought I would share a couple of my suggestions that I use to keep my skin looking healthy, or as a lady giving me a massage once said "wow people with your problems dont usually have such nice skin.".... thanks, I guess? None of these tips are from an expert, its just through my own routine


Oh yes, I use this wonderful magic liquid after every shower, all over my body from head to toe. Well from face to legs really. I also use it before I go to bed. I have rather combination skin, so I have to be careful with creams, if they are too greasy, they can make my skin break out. Bio oil can be used to heal blemishes and scars and smooth out uneven skin tone, I originally started using it just on my legs and it worked so well that I tested on the rest of my body and the result is great, it leaves my skin smooth, fades any blemishes and also leaves it feeling hydrated. This oil has been known to clog pores, luckily that hasn't occurred for me, so I suggest you test it out on a small part of your body before going all out.


Yes, it does kind of look a bit odd, like something you might do the gardening with, but you'll be in the shower so no one else can see, so I say go for it. I use this mitt to scrub my body with every time I shower, unless Im being lazy. It manages to get rid of all the dead skin cells and blemishes. Its so easy and effective, just like washing yourself regularly... but with a mitt.


I swear by these little green strange fruits, Ive been eating at least one a day for the past couple of years and I'm positive it has had a good effect on my skin. Did you know that half an avocado has more potassium then a banana, its really an amazing little creature. It can lower cholesterol, be used to treat some forms of dermatitis and arthritis, aid in stopping the itching of psoriasis, softens skin, promotes hair growth, it is also said to prevent cancer. I am just such a huge fan of this fruit, bless its strange little soul. Just a note that although it is fatty, it is a healthy fat and has SO many benefits , so don't be deterred from that fact.

serving suggestions:
- Avocado and tomato on toast
- Grilled salmon and avocado


I know, I know, boring. but such an important part not only for every day consumption but ESPECIALLY when youre detoxing (it helps to get all the nasties out). The recommended intake is 8 glasses of water a day, but I tend to just drink whenever I feel thirsty. It is just important (as my partner reminded me) not to drink too much water, the body only needs it when it tells you. Water can help to increase the absorption from all the nutrients in your meals, it lubricates your joints, aids in your metabolism, dissolves toxins and flushes them away and is pretty much what makes up a good portion of our bodies. I must admit, I tend to drink a lot of sparkling water but avoid this if your salt intake is already high, because it can contain a fair bit of salt.


I have to avoid any alcohol based products because the medication Im on reacts to it and will make me sick, its a small price to pay in order to give up alcohol :) In that respect, I started to use soap free wash, ever since I have been using this, my skin doesn't dry out as much yet still stays nice and clean and it prevents irritation. If you are using soap, just a tip, only use it in the "necessary" areas, your entire body does not need to be covered with it, the water will do the rest. If you can't get your hands on soap free body wash, try your favourite organic label that doesn't use alcohol in its ingredients.

Do you have any tried and tested tips for healthy skin?


  1. Water is the biggest, and sleep. When I don't have enough of both, my skin goes mental.

    Great post!

    1. I was just reading an article about how sleep is VERY important for keeping your skin smooth :) Good advice, I'm trying to get my sleep patterns right at the moment

  2. I'm trying to drink more water and get more sleep this year! I've always wanted to eat more avocado, but sadly it's not on my list of favourite foods!

    1. The other day I saw a cafe with an avocado smoothie on it, I have to admit I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough in this lifetime to try that ;) Sleep is definitely on my priority list, unmedicated would be even better

    2. You should try avocado spread on toast. Trust me, it is 10 million times better than butter!! Squeeze a little lemon juice & pepper over it & it's awesome!

    3. Good tip Erin, ithat makes such a yummy breakfast :)