Saturday, 11 February 2012

My top 5 movies to change your mood

Sometimes when I am in a mood, when I'm feeling a bit down and my mind won't stop replaying things over and over again (catastrophic, mind reading... etc), I like to lie down in bed and watch a movie that really moves me. I know they say its good to sit with your feelings, but sometimes you do need a break. An inspiring movie always seems to be a great influence in changing my mood. The following are a couple of my favourite inspirational movies, ones that make me smile, take me out of my own mind or even make me cry, sometimes our bodies need a good cleanse/ cry to make us feel better again :) I have also chosen movies that might not be the obvious choice for inspiration.

This is an amazing movie, the original title "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enough", sums up this movie perfectly. This movie follows women who lead very different lives, each with their own raw and often heartbreaking story (abusive relationships, lack of self esteem, aids...). I have to admit I cried my eyes out watching this, but at the end I felt inspired by their strength. This movie is powerful, wonderful, honest and heart wrenching. It is probably my favourite movie of all time if I had to choose one.

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (swedish version)
This is a movie about vampires, but don't let that turn you off. It is an amazing, deep, beautiful story of two people from opposite worlds, who find each other and help each other grow. It is a story about companionship, loyalty, love and learning. I was moved  by how wonderful the two main characters relationships were, we can learn a lot about accepting differences in people through this film.

This is yet another wonderful story of two people who may have never spoken if certain circumstances hadn't aligned. Two young people motivate the other  to see life in a new way, experience things they thought were unimaginable and open their eyes to see beauty in life. This is a movie that always leaves me with a smile and an appreciation for things I may have considered I could never achieve.

This is a documentary that follows the real life of Phillipe Petit, a high rise walker, that walked between the twin towers in 1974. It is a candid look over the struggles, danger and obstacles that he had to overcome and endure to walk at such heights. This movie will motivate the desire in you to attempt something in the past that you thought was too hard, too dangerous or simply not possible. You follow Phillipe as he discovers his dream and works very hard to achieve it.

Set in Sweden, yes, I know, I love my Swedish movies :) this film follows the life of two young girls who lead very different lives. One is outgoing and popular and the other is a loner who has a lack of friends and suffers depression. Somehow these two lives become intertwined and soon they are in a relationship. The most inspiring aspect to this film is the overcoming of stereotypes, the fact that their love was more important then the bullying they would receive for it and the way in which the two girls teach each other new things about life.

This is just a few of my favourite inspirational movies, I will be posting others in the future. Are there any movies that you watch to inspire your world?

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