Thursday, 2 February 2012

Healing benefits of spices #1

 I add spices to most of my meals, cinnamon on my cereal in the morning, turmeric and cumin 
sprinkled on vegies for lunch and paprika on my quinoa for dinner. I originally started adding 
spices because they make a dish taste a thousand times more delicious, then I started doing it 
to cut down on my salt usage, but now I do it for an additional reason, because of their health 
benefits. You'll be surprised at how many spices you have in your pantry, contain health 
benefits that are beyond your wildest dreams. Here are a few of my favourite spices and their 
healing properties.

- Helps fade pigmentation on your face
- Fights free radicals
- Helps reduce gum infection
- Aids in preventing anemia
- Helps to heal acne

- High in antioxidants
- Regulates blood sugar and cholesterol 
- Has an anti clotting effect on blood
- Stops yeast infections 
- Relieves arthritis pain
- Beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes
- Reduces body fat percentage
- Encourages lean muscle mass
- The scent of cinnamon is said to boost brain function

- High in iron, which means it can prevent anemia
- It's antiseptic qualities can help fight flu
- Can aid in the prevention of cancer
- Strengthens nails and hair and makes hair glossy
- Improves kidney function
- Improves nutrient absorbtion
- Contains zinc and magnesium, very healthy nutrients

- High in Vitamin C
- Improves circulation
- Aids in digestion

posts coming soon: health benefits of food #2, healing benefits of spice #2, an interview with someone diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, a look in to mindfulness, advice on choosing the right doctor, healthy recipe of the week... and so much more. 

Is there any topic in particular relating to health, nutrition, well being, recovery, addiction, mental illness, rehab or anything your heart desires for me to write about in an upcoming post?

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